Residential Ravings

“Stephanie is an extraordinary woman who is hard working, creative, dedicated, and selfless. She is an excellent role model for many aspiring professional women. Over the years, I have been afforded the opportunity to view many of her design projects. It is evident that she loves what she does; is highly skilled, talented and has the gift of design.”

Shelley, Residential Customer
“Starting in 2007 for almost the entire year I worked with and was guided through the redecoration of my new home by Ms Sullivan. Before I even attempted to hire the first designer I was fortunate enough to find Stephanie. She spent a good deal of time getting to understand my tastes and the style for what I envisioned for my home. Having her involved before even one nail was pounded resulted in a few architectural and actual physical changes specific to my home’s floor plan. Stephanie provided so much more than just interior design help. She of course handled all the usual things you would expect of an interior designer. In addition she helped design the shape and the placement of the hot tub/spa, the shape of the driveway, the location for grass and stone much more than we can mention here. Maybe the most appreciated thing about Stephanie is her warm and friendly personality. She made the stress of making the 10,000 decisions fun and stress-free. I extend my most enthusiastic recommendation for Stephanie Sullivan Interior Design Solutions and if you have any additional questions feel free to contact me.”
Kurtis Patterson, Residential Customer
“Excellent individual who we would and have used her services on several projects. Very creative and willing to work with you and will stay on top of the project from start to finish. Whats really amazing is she enjoy her work and working with people. She has that can do will do attitude which isnt seen to much lately. A true professional.”
Lew Lewis, Residential Customer
Commercial Praises
“We had the good fortune of working with Stephanie as an owner’s facility representative. She was always organized, open to discussions and offered good insights and suggestions for a successful project. Stephanie is a very knowledgable, fair and personable individual who takes great care in her work – she would be a great person to work with on any design project.”
Don Greer, VP Wiginton Hooker Jeffry Architects,, Girl Scouts
“Stephanie is has the unique skill set of being very detail oriented and highly creative. Stephanie is an excellent communicator both orally and written. She is a fantastic team member that be counted on to be concise in her thoughts with well thought out suggestions and/or solutions. Stephanie is comfortable communicating at any management level. She has a great personality and is a joy to be around. I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone that would ask. Feel free to contact me directly if you would like more information.”
Johnson Vendor, Manager at ERCOT